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Schertz Attorney for Criminal Cases

Whether it’s your first or your thirty-first, a criminal case or DWI in Schertz is never easy to deal with. These cases bring with them anger, shame, and in most cases, fear. When you’re fighting a criminal charge, you want to have the best on your side. Schertz attorney Daniel Palmitier specializes in criminal cases and can help you fight yours.

Your Neighborhood Attorney

Daniel Palmitier isn’t just an anonymous name on a billboard. He’s a member of the same community as you and is local to Comal County. Daniel has worked as an attorney for his entire career and has the experience to back up his abilities when fighting for you in court.

After working in Comal County and surrounding areas of Bexar and Guadalupe counties, Daniel has a strong know-how of the court system and what works in various courtrooms around the county. He has spent his time perfecting his capabilities as an attorney and passes that experience on to every client he serves.

When Daniel is not working as one of the top attorneys for criminal defense, he is hunting and fighting for second amendment rights.

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Contacting me is free. I understand that the disputes facing you, your family or your business can seem daunting. My main goal is to put you at ease.

    Schertz Attorney With Board Certification

    When choosing a Schertz attorney, it’s important to look at not only their experience but also their qualifications to work as a criminal defense attorney. Daniel Palmitier is proud to be a board certified criminal defense attorney. Not only does his board certification hold him to a higher standard both professionally and ethically but it also means that he is able to stay up to date on the latest information in criminal defense. If you’ve received a Schertz DWI or another felony or misdemeanor charge, Daniel Palmitier has the experience and ongoing training required to help you with your court case.

    If you’ve never experienced an attorney who is board-certified, it’s time to learn the difference! The difference is clear and you’ll quickly realize the experience is much better than using an attorney who is not certified or one who is just a public defender.

    And Experience in Criminal Defense

    After being a Comal County prosecutor for over 10 years, Daniel Palmitier knows the ins and outs of the justice system. Now that he’s a Schertz attorney, he’s using the experience he gained as a prosecutor and the knowledge he learned during that time to help his clients have more successful outcomes for their court cases. Daniel understands the importance of having an attorney who knows what they’re doing on your side for a criminal case and works to ensure he’s helping his clients whether they have a pending criminal investigation or a DWI in Schertz.

    Schertz Attorney: Ready to Fight for You

    When you hire Daniel Palmitier as the attorney to represent you in your Schertz DWI or other criminal case, you can know that you’re getting someone who will fight for you. Unlike other attorneys, Daniel doesn’t just show up when it’s time for court and try to make a case on the spot. Instead, he spends time talking with you and going over all the details of your case that are pertinent to fighting it in court. He uses his know-how and experience in the field of law to come up with a defense.

    Even though nobody can guarantee the outcome of a criminal case, Daniel Palmitier fights for his clients relentlessly which can be helpful when it comes time to go to court or even to a full-on trial. As a defense attorney, Daniel is prepared to fight for you.

    Get Your Free Consultation Today

    If you are facing a criminal charge, you need an experienced attorney on your side to navigate the system and fight for you in the courtroom. Daniel Palmier is a ruthless litigator with misdemeanor, felony and DWI cases under his belt. Not every Schertz attorney can say the same. Daniel Palmitier is the best lawyer in Comal County, and he is ready to fight for you.

    If you’ve been wondering the difference between a public defender and a board-certified attorney who specializes only in criminal cases, wonder know more. Fill out the contact form or call Daniel Palmitier directly to schedule a no risk, no obligation consultation. During the completely free evaluation, Daniel will provide a better understanding of your case and the evidence against you, how the charge(s) could impact your life, what the process will look like and the next best steps. See the difference when you work with an attorney who cares about your outcome.

    Contact us today to find out if Schertz attorney Daniel Palmitier can help you with a winning criminal defense.

    Criminal Defense Attorney in Schertz, TX

    Are you facing a misdemeanor, felony or DWI charge in Schertz? You need a knowledgeable Schertz attorney to fight for your rights. Don’t risk your freedom. Call Daniel Palmitier today for a free case evaluation.