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Misdemeanors in
New Braunfels, TX

Comal County Misdemeanors

Former Comal County prosecutor will fight to defend your rights against New Braunfels misdemeanors.

A local resident’s first encounter with the criminal justice system is often a misdemeanor offense in New Braunfels, TX. No matter your age, this is not something you want to go through without a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Daniel is aware of the potential these offenses have to negatively affect your future employment, and he is ready to fight to protect you. Daniel is a board certified criminal defense attorney who served as a misdemeanor prosecutor for five years and will use that experience to defend your case.

Daniel handles the following types of misdemeanor offenses:
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Theft of Property
Criminal Mischief
Terroristic Threat
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle
Motions to Revoke Probation