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Criminal Defense You Can Rely On

Defending your rights with earned knowledge, proficiency, and a broad Texas background; the Gruene attorney who is your criminal defense expert.

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Veteran Comal County Criminal Defense Attorney

Daniel Palmitier has the experience of over 100 tried jury trials in Comal County, and exceptional understanding of the best way to defend your case. A former prosecutor in Comal County, Daniel is a seasoned trial Gruene attorney.


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Contacting me is free. I understand that the disputes facing you, your family or your business can seem daunting. My main goal is to put you at ease.

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    Experienced Counsel

    When a trial is necessary, so is a highly prepared criminal defense attorney. Daniel is a experienced trial attorney with a reputation for success.

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    Criminal Defense

    Get your desired result with a defense attorney who will efficiently assess your Gruene dwi or other case and tailor a defense specific to you.

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    Board Certified

    Guarantee that a proficient and knowledgeable attorney is by your side with board certification. To read more about the benefits of choosing a board certified attorney in Gruene, click here.

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    Legal Services

    Each client receives the benefits of Daniel’s knowledge and practiced perspectives from ten years of prosecuting local cases.


    Misdemeanor offenses come with a maximum punishment of up to one year in the Comal County jail. Examples of offenses include marijuana possession, driving while intoxicated, and assault causing bodily injury. Comal County prosecution for misdemeanor offenses occur in the two County Courts at Law. Gruene attorney Daniel became familiar with the common weaknesses of others and developed top strategies to defend these cases by spending five years prosecuting in the County Courts.

    DWI Offenses

    You need a hard-hitting attorney in Gruene who is keeps up with current legal issues surrounding cases and knows how to defend your rights. Daniel has tried numerous felony and misdemeanor intoxicated related offenses, from a first Gruene DWI to Intoxication Manslaughter cases, and everything between. He has also extensively written on the legal issues surrounding these cases before the Third Court of Appeals.


    Prison sentences for felonies are served in the Texas Department of Corrections, instead of in Comal County. Felony offenses are prosecuted in the four District Courts of Comal County. There are many costs to a felony conviction, including being branded for the rest of their life as a felon. You need a Gruene attorney who understands the strategic judgements behind every felony indictment and uses chief strategy to defend your case.
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    Meet Daniel Palmitier

    From non-violent white collar crimes to violent offenses such as attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer, Daniel possesses a vast variety of experience with jury trials. He also retains significant capability trying Gruene DUI and DWIs, and other intoxication-related offenses. If you are looking for a esteemed, knowledgeable, and skilled Gruene attorney to defend your rights, the search is over.

    Having spent the last ten years prosecuting here, Daniel Palmitier is a board certified criminal defense attorney dedicated to representing clients in New Braunfels, Spring Branch, Gruene, and Comal County, TX. His reputation as a successful trial attorney is strong.

    Criminal Defense Attorney in Gruene, TX

    Contacting Daniel is free. His main goal is to put you at ease, and he understands the disputes facing you, your family or your business can seem daunting.