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Choose a Bulverde Attorney With Experience

Criminal cases are especially hard to deal with when you’re looking at a variety of charges. Whether you’ve received a Bulverde DUI or you’ve a different criminal charge, make sure you have an experienced attorney to help you navigate your options. Daniel Palmitier is here to help.

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As a Comal County resident, Daniel Palmitier is a board-certified criminal defense attorney dedicated to representing clients in the Bulverde, Texas, area. Daniel provides a friendly and personal experience similar to that of visiting a friend in your same time. He’s skilled in criminal cases, but also understands the value of providing you with an exceptional client experience – experience that comes from using an attorney in your hometown.

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Contacting me is free. I understand that the disputes facing you, your family or your business can seem daunting. My main goal is to put you at ease.

    Daniel brings each client the combination of knowledge and expert perspective he learned while prosecuting cases here for 10 years.

    Certified for Success

    When you’re shopping for a Bulverde attorney, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. Daniel Palmitier is board-certified, meaning he maintains high standards and provides his clients with exceptional representation. Dealing with a Bulverde DUI? If so, he’s the one you want on your side.

    Not only does Daniel Palmitier’s board certification mean that he’s held to a high standard but it requires continuing education, meaning that he is always learning and embracing new legal strategies. His familiarity with top issues allow him to navigate and provide you with the best criminal defense representation in the area.

    Focus on Clients

    There are many things that make up a great Bulverde attorney, but close attention to clients is one of the most important ones. Daniel Palmitier knows exactly what you need when it comes to legal representation.

    Whether you are a first-time criminal or a repeat offender, dealing with the legal system and criminal court can be a difficult experience. Daniel Palmitier knows that and understands how to manage the sensitive details that come with this experience. His goal is to offer you texpertise that comes with years of managing criminal cases.

    Free Consultations

    Charged with a Bulverde DUI today? Months ago? No matter the timeframe, you need the help of a board-certified attorney who knows what they’re doing. Let Daniel represent you as you navigate the criminal court system.

    What do you have to lose? Daniel offers free consultations to establish what need to happen next and allow you to determine that he’s the right fit for you. He’ll be able to talk to you about possible outcomes of your case and what to expect during this trying time.